Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness goals allow participants to improve their physical condition by setting and achieving a measurable goal.  Goals should show the participant’s skill level both at the start and at the end of the duration of the activity.  Both team and individual sports or activities are acceptable as long as they are not required for school credit.  Participants may have up to two Physical Fitness goals for each level.

The required number of hours and months of activity which must be shown for each level is as follows:

Bronze Certificate 15  
Silver Certificate 30  
Gold Certificate 45  
Bronze Medal 50 7
Silver Medal 100 12
Gold Medal 200 24

Ideas for group activities

Baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, marching band, hockey, lacrosse, crew.

Ideas for individual activities

Weight lifting, track (running, hurdles, high jump, shot put, javelin, etc.), jogging, biking, dancing, tennis, fencing, swimming, martial arts, walking, yoga, fitness programs (a combination of several activities), skiing, ice skating, gymnastics, snowboarding, aerobics, archery, bowling, boxing, golf, racquetball, roller skating, trampoline.

These are just some suggestions, not the only goals acceptable!

Special consideration is given for persons with disabilities.  It is physical improvement, not the difficulty of the activity, which is the most important part of the goal.

Sample goals:

  • I will improve my physical fitness by increasing the number of laps I swim in 40 minutes from 15 to 20.
  • I will do an exercise/fitness program to increase my maximum heart rate from 110 to 120 beats per minute.
  • I will improve my arm strength by lifting weights, starting with 5 lb. hand weights and increasing to 8 lb. weights.
  • I will improve my physical fitness by increasing my stamina playing basketball so that I can play for 20 minutes without tiring.  Currently, I can play 15 minutes before I tire.
  • I will increase my physical flexibility and core strength by practicing 30 min. of yoga per day. I will also learn 5-10 new positions.
  • I will improve my tennis playing by increasing the accuracy of my serves to 75 percent.  Currently, my serves are accurate about 50 percent of the time.