Personal Development

Personal Development goals allow participants to learn new skills and interests or to improve current skills or interests.  While appropriate extra-curricular activities may be used for this goal, no activity required for school credit is acceptable.  Participants may have up to two Personal Development goals for each level.

The required number of hours and months of activity which must be shown for each level is as follows:

Bronze Certificate 15  
Silver Certificate 30  
Gold Certificate 45  
Bronze Medal 50 7
Silver Medal 100 12
Gold Medal 200 24

Personal Development goals may be carried out in a group or as individuals.

Ideas for group activities

School/community theater or musical performances, Student Council, Speech and Debate, Boys/Girls State, Improvisational troupes, DECA, ROTC.

Ideas for individual activities

Scrap-booking, learning/improving musical skills, knitting, crocheting, sewing, cross-stitching, child care, part-time jobs, voice lessons, Girl/Boy Scout badges, 4-H projects, college preparatory classes or camps, art (drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpting, origami, anime), creative writing, photography, learning computer skills/foreign languages/astronomy, etc., animal care and training, competition in academic events (History Day, State Science Fair, etc.), tying flies, first aid/CPR/EMT training, carpentry/woodworking, nutrition/cooking programs, State drama/music events, lifeguard training, video production, cheerleading, learning ranch/farm skills, car maintenance, personal accounting/finances, amateur radio, gardening, horsemanship, building models, learning magic, cake decorating, creating a reading program.

These are by no means ALL the possibilities….just some suggestions!

Sample goals:

  • I will improve my piano-playing skills by learning 3 new pieces/advancing to a higher level/performing in the school musical. 
  • I will learn leadership skills by being an active member of the Student Council. 
  • I will improve my ability to speak in public by participating in extra-curricular debates. 
  • I will research good nutritional practices, find healthful recipes, and prepare dinner for my family once a week. 
  • I will learn to crochet and make a small baby blanket.
  • I will participate in community theater productions as an actor/set designer/lights and sound engineer/stagehand.
  • I will build a bookcase/dollhouse/table, using both power and hand tools. 
  • I will expand my reading ability by learning more about the science fiction/classics/mystery genre and completing 7 new books.