Expedition / Exploration

This goal challenges participants to experience new surroundings, interact with the wilderness, or be immersed in a new culture while learning the necessary skills to adapt.  In both cases, planning is an essential element in the experience and should be included in the Record Book journal of activities.

The minimum required time period which must be shown for each level is as follows:

LevelTime Period
Bronze Certificate A one-day venture activity
Silver Certificate A two-day venture activity
Gold Certificate A Three-day venture activity
Bronze Medal One night in a shelter or tent plus 10 hours of venture activity.
Silver Medal Two night in a shelter or tent plus 20 hours of venture activity.
Gold Medal Four night in a shelter or tent plus 40 hours of venture activity.

Expedition goals are usually outdoor excursions that may include camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, rock climbing, spelunking, canoeing, bicycling, horseback riding, etc.  Participants should be learning new skills such as camping, setting up a tent, cooking in the outdoors, and orienteering. While an adult may be present to supervise and ensure the participant’s safety, it is the participant who must plan and be responsible for the experience.

Exploration goals are longer trips that involve a new cultural experience.  Examples of this goal are living on a farm, ranch, or reservation; traveling to a foreign country for home stays, study abroad, or cultural discovery; exploring a new environment.  The goal must include preliminary research and preparation –- pre-planned events such as school band trips, sport camps, leadership workshops, or “Sign Up and Go to…”  trips are not acceptable except for Outward Bound and  People to People Ambassador trips.

Sample goals:

  • I will plan and participate in an overnight camping trip.  I will select a site, set up a tent, cook a meal, lead a hike, and clean the campground.
  • I will spend an overnight on a ranch, sleeping in a cabin and performing ranch chores.
  • I will take a group trip toEurope, researching transportation and currency as well as learning necessary phrases in a foreign language. While there, I will attend a local school and stay with a host family.
  • I will take a trip to Mexico, researching cultural and historic sites and using a foreign language to ask for information and services.  I will also do the trip planning, including transportation, accommodations, and currency conversions.
  • I will plan and complete a 5-day, 4-night wilderness trip, during which I will also fish and hike.