Alumnus Bessie Bucholz

Bessie Bucholz is a Bronze and Silver Congressional Award Medalist. Today, she is a professional fly-fishing guide during the summers.

Alumnus Bessie Bucholz

Jan 18, 2013


Bessie Bucholz refined her fly-fishing skills as a Personal Development goal during her time in the Wyoming Congressional Award program. Today, Bucholz is a professional fly-fishing guide during the summers.

For Voluntary Public Service, Bucholz’s goals centered on community improvement and beautification projects as she has a love for the outdoors and gardening.Bucholz earned the Bronze and Silver Congressional Award Medals and Certificates.

“This fostered my passion for the stewardship, design and cultivation of landscapes and ultimately inspired me to study landscape architecture in college,” Bucholz said.

She also worked with children at after-school programs in her hometown of Saratoga, Wyoming, and in Charlottesville, Virginia, where she attended college.

Bucholz improved her piano-playing ability along with fly-fishing for the area of Personal Development.

Her Physical Fitness goals involved her achieving a better level of overall strength and endurance. One goal was setting running objectives with the intention of running long distances in decreasing amounts of time.

“I worked with a Navy Seal boot camp instructor who was able to witness me increase the number of sit-ups and push-ups that I could do in one minute,” Bucholz said.

For her Expedition, Bucholz took an 11-day trip to the Wind River Mountain Range. Bucholz went up the mountains on horseback and spent the time fly-fishing and camping in the wilderness.

“It was wonderful to plan such a rugged trip and have it go over so smoothly,” Bucholz said.

The Wyoming Congressional Award program has helped Bucholz with her forward-thinking mentality due to its emphasis on goal setting and planning ahead. The act of goal-setting has helped Bucholz to a more responsible young adult and to weigh the consequences of every action.

Bucholz lived in Saratoga and Virginia during her time in the program and now resides in Washington, D.C. She is the Staff Assistant and Tour Coordinator for Wyoming Sen. Mike Enzi.

“I have always harbored a great interest for politics and like to work in an environment where I interact with lots of people throughout the day,” she said.

Bucholz majored in Art History and minored in Landscape Architecture.

“I plan to pursue this career, because I want to help to reintegrate nature’s beauty into the urban fabric so that those who cherish it will not lose touch with it due to the rate at which sublime and bucolic landscapes are being replaced by urban developments,” Bucholz said.

Bucholz’s hobbies include reading, writing and drawing. She savors any experience that helps cultivate those kills. She also loves to socialize. Exploring new places is her biggest hobby.

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